Deaf Dirt &Dunes

February 27, 2013 - March 5, 2013

Ocotillo Wells for Jeep Event

51st Annual
Tierra Del Sol 4X4 Club Desert Safari

Photo taken and filtered by Skippy and Letter font developed by Paul

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Who will go?  List
ORVers' names:   Number
of People:
From Date to Date:
  Paul T. Stefurak   1   Feb 27 to March 5
  Robert & Carol Burns   2   Feb. 18th - March 7th or so??
  Carol Christopher and Donald Strom   2 plus 4 dogs  
  Pete & Lily Hoover   2   Feb 26 to March 4
  Rocky and Marlene Finley   2   ???
  Phil, Lisa & Kevin Hawkins   3   Feb 26 to ?
  Richard Cringle   1   Feb 28th to March 3rd
  Brenda and Skippy Mangum   2   Feb. 26 to March 3, 2013
  James Waters   1   3/1-3/2
  Mal Grossinger   2   3/1-3/4
   Kirk & Cheryl    2   3/2-3/4 
   Jimmy & Carmen    2    3/2-3/4
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Who will go?  List
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From Riverside:   drive south of 86S but before 78 route, see Arco Gas station,
2084 Marina Drive, Salton City, CA 92275, turn right on S-22 about 3 miles
before uphill, turn left on Holly road for one mile to see

shelter, one building of 2 bathrooms and 2 big trash bin with fence around.
You will find Robert and Carol's motorhome about 100 feet from bathroom building

where the deafies will stay.

In California Law,
it requires to wear the helmet to
ride on the dirt bike, ATC, ATV or UTV. 

More info, email Paul T. Stefurak

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